Food Processor & Juicer

Food Processor & Juicer
Food Processor & Juicer Food Processor & Juicer Food Processor & Juicer Food Processor & Juicer Food Processor & Juicer Food Processor & Juicer
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Thank you for your support of our SKP 3150. That model has been discontinued. SKP 2002 is slightly bigger as compared to SKP3150 but functions equally well. In fact, 2002 has a more powerful motor :) Unlike 3150 which is in BLACK, 2002 is in GREY. 


One year warranty provided.

Each purchase comes with –

  1. High-torque power base
  2. Short Cups x 2
  3. Tall Cups x 2
  4. Flat Blade x 1
  5. Cross Blade x 1
  6. Large Blender Jug x 1
  7. Juice Extractor Kit x 1
  8. Re-sealable kits
  9. Steamer lid x 1
  10. Sprinkler lid x 1


Our unique juice extractor can easily help create any variety of fresh juices (fruits and vegetables) in a matter of seconds!  It is a light weight removal jug that is easy to use and easy to clean.

  1. Combine the sap with cruciform.
  2. Press in the sap net into the sap cup by fitting in the 4 holes inside the cup.
  3. Press in the sap net until it touches the bottom of the sap cap.
  4. Twist-to-lock the lid.
  5. Cut your desired fruit/vegetables into small pieces and put it in.
  6. Pour in water up to the proper level.
  7. Close the extractor with the mini cap.
  8. To start the extractor, press and twist

A complementary soya bean milk recipe is printed on each box for customers to try and enjoy.

(Food Processor):

The food processor works as a 8-in-1 (mixer-juicer-blender-grinder). Ideal for parties and you only need to spend 8-9seconds to prepare party dips, chicken salad, desserts and paste sauces. The cups provided can also be used to mix, cook and store ingredients.The cups are microwave and dishwasher safe (top shelf only).        

A friendly user guide will be given for each food processor in both Chinese and English and this user guide also contain selected recipes (breakfast, desserts, sandwiches, frozen drinks) for customers to enjoy.


Frequency 50/60 Hz
Power 200 W
Proper Capacity 250/500
Proper Time 1 minute
Voltage 220-240 V

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